Day 1 - day of fruits

gmdiet day-1

This day is filled with fruits. Water melon and musk melon are the recommended fruits. You should not eat banana. Whenever you feel hungry eat as much watermelon as you want.

Shopping list

  • Water melon - 1 big (or) 2 small
  • Musk melon - 1
  • Apple - 2
  • Orange - 4
  • Papaya - 1
  • Guava - 2
  • Lemon - 1
  • Water - 4 litres

Wake up drink 7 AM

A glass of warm lemon water when you wake up.

Breakfast 8 AM

1 apple, 1 guava and half papaya. Drink a glass full of water before breakfast.

Morning snack 10 AM

A plate full of water melon slices and a half musk melon.

Lunch 1 PM

Half papaya, 1 guava and 2 oranges

Evening snack 4 PM

1 Apple and 2 oranges

Dinner 7 PM

1 plate full of Water melons and musk melons

Feeling of the day

End of the day you will feel very good.

Science of the day

Fiber rich fruits will keep you active. The amount of water intake will clean toxins from your body and your body will be ready for next six days diet.

More info

Actually you can take any kind of fruits in any amount. Banana is strictly prohibited in this day. It is better to avoid high calorie fruits like mango, jackfruit, sappotta.