What is GM Diet

It is a 7 days weight loss diet plan

GM Diet is introduced by General Motor corp company for their employees. The motive of this diet plan is to increase the productivity by making healthy workers. In just 7 days you can reduce upto 7kg weight. You will feel lite and energetic after this diet. GMdiet is logically easiest and best way to reduce weight in such short duration.

How GMdiet works

You will have to eat fruits, vegetables and brown rice in a correct formula. With correct combination of proper corbohydrates and low colorie foods along with huge water intake you will improve your fat burning metabolism.

The secret incredient is water. Water prevents your body from dehydration and reduces the chances of storing fat. Your body don't need to store fat since you are eating very healthy food. Water forces our metablism to burn fats.

Who can try GM diet

Anybody can try GM diet. People who are suffering from hypertension, diabetes, and heart problems are advised not to follow the GMdiet. Also pregnant and breast feeding ladies should avoid GM diet since your baby needs more nutritious food from you. Its better to consult with your doctor before starting a diet plan if you have any health issues.